Nutrition Course Reviews

Marisa Anne MacIntosh

I enrolled in this course with an interest in food nutrition and with the intention of transitioning into a career within the food industry. I was very impressed with the curriculum and material. I can easily say the course expanded my knowledge of nutrition and heightened my passion for health and wellness.

In summary, this course takes you through creative hands-on meal preparation utilizing whole foods, education on bodily functions and the mind-body connection, critical thinking for case studies, vast information on the food industry, and finishes on a personal note with ensuring knowledge on how to create your very own business and unique brand!

The course overall has a modern, user-friendly feel, where you become immersed in a holistic approach to nutrition, which gave me a great sense of comfort while working through each module. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, especially those looking to be more knowledgeable on health forward-thinking or looking to work within the food/nutrition industry!

Stephanie Dumaine

This course has been life-changing for me. I initially began it to gain knowledge to better my lifestyle; however, in the end, I have become so passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others! As a yoga teacher, I feel it will work perfectly to combine the two and help clients find balance in their lives too.

The course was amazing, with a wealth of information designed to make even the more challenging topics easy to understand. My Tutor was extremely knowledgeable and always provided supportive and insightful feedback with each module.

The student support staff were also always quick to respond to any questions and very helpful and supportive throughout the course! I loved that you have the option to download each module for future reference as well.

Thank you for such a positive experience!

Nadia Barzaq

Just when I thought I knew everything about nutrition, this course came along and changed everything!

It filled many gaps in my knowledge, helped me correct any nutritional mistakes I was making and gave me the confidence and knowledge required to take the next steps in starting my own business.

The certified course tutors were very helpful and professional. It was wonderful to be able to take this course from home.


Nora De Souza

This course was amazing.

The modules were well-written, easy to understand and informative. The assignments at the end of each module were challenging but rewarding. My tutor, Aliz Toth, was very supportive and gave me positive feedback after each assignment. I enjoyed the fact that I could study at home at my convenience and at my own pace.

I took this course to gain some knowledge on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This course provided me with a wealth of information on how food and our choices can play an important role in achieving this lifestyle. I particularly enjoyed the topics on meal planning, mind-body connection and food labels. I am able to use this knowledge on a daily basis and share this information with my friends and family.

I am happy that I took this course and recommend it to anyone to is interested in nutrition.

Erin Van Esveld

As soon as I started reading the first module on digestion and saw a big portion of that module was on the gut microbiome, I knew this course was a great fit for me!

I loved the fusion of the basics (macros, vitamins & minerals) with newer and relevant topics such as gut health mentioned above, the mind-body connection, the importance of practices such as deep breathing, and the effect of our "modern" stress-filled lives on the body.

The course has enough information to build a solid foundation of knowledge, but it wasn't too overwhelming either. I also found the price point attainable for most people compared to the other options I was considering.

Overall, I highly recommend the course! It was a great addition to my Bachelor's degree that will allow me to move forward with a new business.


Tanya Williams

I came into this course hoping to learn a little bit more about nutrition, and I am leaving with SO much more! Not only have I gained detailed education in nutrition and everything pertaining to it, but it has quickly become a passion for me.

Practising what I've learned in my own life (and my family's) has been an incredibly positive experience for all of us. This course is so well laid out, it is super straight forward, and I love that you can go at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. I can't wait to take the next step in helping others achieve their best health too!

Thank you for providing such an amazing course!


Emma DeSouza

As a healthcare worker who has moved into the holistic wellness world, I value science and holistic views.

This course was incredible and covered so many topics. It provided research and detail in the reasoning behind the course materials being taught.

It truly has opened up new doors for me, and I can't wait to further help people because of this course. Thank you so much!

Jodi Miller

Amazing course!

I learned so much and really enjoyed it! I'm now on to the Sports Nutrition Advanced Module. Looking forward to helping people with their nutrition and health goals.


Alyssa Semeniuk

It has been an amazing journey taking this course and has transformed my life.

I will continue to use so much that I have learnt every day and hope to pass on as much as possible to help others on this wonderful healthy lifestyle journey. It has given me a new passion and a direction for pursuing a job in this field and a kickstart for starting my own business.

I am very happy to have found this course and would recommend it to all!

Andressa de Holanda Silva

I do not doubt that this course was the best thing I could have done this year.

The knowledge I gained is amazing. I was a little concerned when I signed up because I had just had a baby, and I was unsure if I would be able to keep up, but the modules are very informative, self-explanatory, with updated information and great details to make it easy to understand.

It’s truly an online course that you can actually learn by yourself in your own time. I started the course to eat better, but now I am confident that I can start my own business.

I am very thankful for this opportunity to have a new career that allows me to help people and still have time to be with my son.


Maria Polito

I went from yo-yo dieting to eating disorders. I felt trapped in this non-stop cycle.

This nutrition course helped me gain knowledge of food and how to help myself and others!

Lorraine Donald

I have just completed my course with The Nutrition Institute.

This journey has been a very informative and enriching moment in learning nutrition for me. I enjoyed the knowledge and the vast amount of information to carry you forward to a healthier way of life!

I'm so appreciative for the opportunity to move forward and teach those that are willing to learn to consume better food options; I'm so grateful for my tutor Mrs Kassandra Kaleda and for being a part of The Nutrition Institute family.

Many blessings to great health, thank you!

Jessie Maxwell

I found this course to be life-changing.

I was struggling so badly with disordered eating because I feared food. It is hard to know what is actually healthy and what isn't based on social media posts, so often, I just chose to not eat at all or would just throw my hands up and eat poorly.

Since taking this course, though, I now know that it really isn't scary or all that difficult, and I have taken control of my own nutrition. You just need the knowledge to make the right choices for your body. After so many years of crash diets, I finally feel like I am in control.

I thank Kim and the Nutrition Institute for helping to change my life.

Dina Vieira

I contemplated taking this course for about a year, and after much research, I decided to take the plunge. I‘m glad I did!

The topics covered were relevant and thorough. The fact that I could do the course on my own time was a bonus. I was able to fast track a few modules because I made it a priority.

This program was challenging and rewarding!!! I highly recommend it!!!!

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